Employing Hose for Hot Water and Steam Cleaning

Posted: Monday, 25 March 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

When it comes to selecting a quality hose for steam cleaning, the major aspects that you should keep in mind are pressure and temperature. These decide the result that you will get from the new steam cleaning hose. Make sure you thoroughly examine the available options in the market and pick the right one for your steam cleaning purpose. 

A wide range of steam cleaning hose is used in sensitive food industry and for other demanding jobs such as in chemical industries. Though their size, color and quality may vary, most of them have similar types of uses. When you are aware of your requirement, it would be convenient for you to make the right decision about the best steam cleaning hose simply by following a few simply steps.

Hot water and steam are commonly used for cleaning, floors, walls and a lot of equipments in various operations and industries. However, this process includes a lot of risks which should be considered very carefully to prevent any personal injury.

High Pressures – Ensure that you use only high pressure wire-reinforced or armored steam cleaning hoses to remove the possibility of bursting under the high pressure. Don’t use any cold water hose for hot and stem washer cleaning.

Hose Maintenance – Before using your hose, ensure that you inspect it properly to avoid any trouble. If it is damaged or broken from any place, replace it or buy a new one. Remember that failures and leaks are dangerous that can lead to several damages.

Apart from these points, there can be some aspects like poor visibility and types of cleaners that can decide the exact hose for hot water and steam cleaning that you are looking for the best outcome. 


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