Advantage of PVC hose in Industry

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PVC hose pipes are extremely useful in various industries. This is because they are characterized with a  flexible hose. With the coming up of latest inventions and newer technologies there has been tremendous improvement in the field of hose pipes. With the coming up of PVC which is the acronym for polyvinyl chloride, it is a common sight in industries. This is due to its flexibility, durability and chemical resistant properties.

Today PVC is not only used for making hoses but other types of inflatable structures like flooring, clothing and variety of other purposes. PVC hose is preferred for number of uses like suction, water distribution, sewerage pipes, pharmaceutical, sanitary sewing purposes, food and drink including plumbing purposes. Therefore it is one of the prime choices for industrial uses. Here are some advantages like:

Light weighted so can also be connected underground
Non-toxic in nature

Since it is flexible it can not only transfer water but fuel as well without worrying about wastage and spills. Due to the above mentioned characteristic this makes it ideal to connect various parts of the machinery with other moving parts. In fact it acts as that part of the machine that helps in transferring and stopping the flow of corrosive gases and acids. It is also effective for all types of plumbing purposes.

Before buying a PVC hose make a thorough research and buy only from reputed manufacturers. Yes, this can be a tedious task but prevention is always better than cure. If you go for inferior ones then it might lead to leakage leading to accidents. On the other it can contaminate food if used repeatedly. Therefore it is advisable to throw it once it becomes unsuitable for use.

Lastly it is important to take other things into account like diameter, material and length of the hose pipe before using it.

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Know Why PVC Hose is Fit for Food Industry

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Polyvinyl Chloride is commonly known as PVC. The attractive property of PVC makes it an ideal choice in food industry. It is the third-most widely used plastic after polypropylene and polyethylene. It is used in construction because it is cheaper and stronger than the traditional alternatives like ductile iron or copper. It can be molded and made softer by adding plasticizers. The most common ones being phthalates, therefore it is used in upholstery, clothing, electrical cable, inflatable products, insulation and in various other applications.

 PVC in its purest form without any plasticizer is a brittle and white solid. It is insoluble in alcohol and slightly soluble in tetrahydrofuran. They are widely used in various industries and available in various sizes and colors. These include citrus/juices, beer, wine, potable water, grain and flour. PVC hose is used for bulk transfer of food products with the help of suction or pneumatic systems. They are exclusively manufactured to preserve the quality of food and prevent its contamination from foreign elements.

Such pipes are extensively used in food manufacturing units and to carry out production in hygienic and safe environment. Some of the common wet dry applications include bulk food processing, load cell connections, process transfer, pump vibration damping, wash down station and others. In general flexible hose are is used to supply wine, beer, water, milk, soft drinks, fish and flour.

To maintain its flexible characteristic food hose pipes are made up PVC. However, they also have an internal stainless steel wire coupled with a helical structure to provide durability and strength. It is much different from fuel hose or other suction pipes. Since they are non-metallic in nature they avoid contamination of food due metal corrosion. Food hose pipes are made up of non-toxic compound which is chemical resistant. It is also colorless and odorless which helps to preserve the actual taste of the product. Lastly, it is durable and can sustain high pressure supply which is important for beer and wine industries.

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PVC Hose Pipes a Flexible Tubing Solutions

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When it comes to plastic tubing products one name that beats the rest is the PVC family. PVC or Poly-Vinyl Chloride is one of the most versatile products found in chemical industry.  It has an extensive use in various industries starting from construction, wire insulation, pipes to window frames. It is known for its new age flexible hose which has widest range of applications.  When plasticizer is mixed with it the compound becomes more flexible and becomes one of the best materials for clear tubing.

What is Hose Pipe?

Hose pipe or garden hose is nothing but a bendable pipe which is used to convey liquid or gas. This is a long hollow container which is used for transferring liquid. They are usually attached to a tap and can be found in variety of colors and sizes. They are made up of soft plastic or synthetic rubber held together by a web of fibers. As result of which the hose pipes are flexible and facilitate pulling them through plants or other kinds of hindrances.

Hose Pipe Characteristics

PVC hose pipes are non-corrosive, resistance free, have excellent abrasion, rubber like flexible and have outstanding flow characteristics. Added to all these features, they are made up of various formulations for fuel and water. This is the reason why they are used in number of industries like food and beverage, general industries, pharmaceutical and various mechanical applications.

Why It is Preferred Most?   

Nowadays this flexible hose has become one of the preferred choices for tubing fuel or water and can be customized according to needs. In fact it can be printed, cut or thermally bonded. You can rely on PVC hose without worrying about the quality.

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Stainless Steel Braided Hose Pipes

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What is Braided Hose?

Stainless steel braided hose are the special kind of flexible hose reinforced with steel, polypropylene, rubber, nylon and PVC covering. These Hoses are suitable for transferring liquid and gases according to the organizational need. Braided hose are reticulated over the tubing that's make it special. Reinforcement by reticulation allow to holding high pressure.

Types of Stainless Steel Braided Hose

Galvanised Steel Conduit, Smooth PVC Covering, Liquid Tight, Metal Overbraid. It is designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits in demanding industry applications.

Galvanized steel strip core (Interlocked constructions) *PVC covering *Metal wire over-braid. For high tensile strength applications.

BRAIDED Flexible metallic conduit, water proof, is typically used for steel mill machineries and petrochemical industries cable protection.

Braided corrugated nylon wiring conduits for all types of  machinery. Light weight, especially suitable for Robot cables protections.

Oil Resistant Flexible Conduit is especially suitable for wiring machine tools, and hydraulic presses, which are subjected to moisture from coolant, oils and fluids.

Overbraided Flexible Steel Conduit with Steel Braid, resists hot metal splashes. It is resistant against tensile stresses and transverse pressure.

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Different Kinds of Hoses

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A flexible pipe can also be defined as a hose which is mainly used for conveying liquid or gases. It can also be defined as a long hollow object used for carrying water or any other liquid. They are in the shape of a circle from the tip of the pipe and cylindrical in shape from its body. They are manufactured in various sizes and materials. There are various kinds of attachments available in the market which can be used for different purposes like sprinkling water in the garden or transferring any liquid into a container or vehicle. You can buy various kinds of tubes from tygon tubing at affordable prices. You can also place the order through the online mode and pay the bill through credit or debit card.

Different Types of Hoses

There are many types of hoses available in the market for various purposes. Hose manufacturers are manufacturing hoses by using different materials such as silicon, plastic, aluminum etc depending on its use by the customer. The different types of hoses are

•           Garden Hose-They are mostly green or black in color but available in other colors also. They are mainly made up of synthetic plastic or rubber. This is reason why garden hoses are flexible and smooth. They are generally used with cold water but if they made up of material which can withstand hot water then they can be used with hot water as well.

•           Silicon Hoses-Hoses that are made up by using silicon material then they are called as silicon hoses. The typical applications of this are

=>        Coolant for machines and equipments.
=>        Used as connector for beverage transfer.
=>        Used in medical equipments.
=>        Used in transfer of chemicals and adhesive materials.
=>:       Flexible Hoses- They are made of up of flexible materials such as rubber or plastic. They are also called flexi hose. They are used to work under high pressures.
•    Stainless Steel Braided Hoses-They are designed and made by using stainless steel or aluminum. Inner tube is made up of rubber so that they can compensate for thermal expansion and contraction in the piping system. They can be used under high pressure and temperature. There are many varieties in this category also. Some are designed with wire braiding and some are mixed with zinc metal.

•           Gardening Hose- It is simple long tube mainly for watering the plants.

•           Industrial Hose-It is used for handling the high pressures while the transfer of chemicals or gases.

•           Ultra High Pressure hose-It is water jet hose used for watering at 400 bar.

•           Hydraulic Hose-It is also a watering hose. They are designed to hold the high pressure of water. They are made up by several layers of rubber and wire.

•           Fire hose-It is used by fire fighters to convey water at the site of fire.

•           Tough Hose-It is used for water the plants in drip irrigation.

•           Brake hose- This kind of hose is used in cars for applying the brakes.

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C-Flex Tubing for Medical Need

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Hose pipes impacting our daily life in deep. We cannot deny how it is important for us. Hose pipes are broadly used in home, bathroom, garden, car and almost every manufacturing and cleaning industry. Hoses are also having more importance for medical and pharmaceutical industries.It's helpful to performing some critical life saving operation like breathing and blood transferring system.     

What is C-Flex Tubing (C-Flex®)

C-Flex Tubing are flexible hose specifically designed to meet the medical, pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostics industries need. C-Flex is made from various polymeric materials to meet standards of the biopharmaceutical industry.  It’s follow the USP 24/NF19, Class VI, FDA and USDA standards. It is very similar to the Tygon Tubing I will discuss in my next post.

C-Flex Having Some Unique Features:                                                               

Stay flexible from -50°F to 275°F
Thermoplastic Elastomer
Sterilizable by radiation, ETO, autoclave or chemicals
Longer peristaltic pump life
Ultra-smooth inner bore
Significantly less permeable than silicone
Low platelet adhesion and protein binding
Chemically resistant to concentrated acids and alkalis
Superior to PVC for many applications 

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Stainless Steel Braided Hoses Pipes

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All About The Braided Hoses

The braided hose pipes are the one used to cover up the plastic hose pipes used for various reasons like fuel filling and dairy productions, etc. These stainless steel braided hoses are to reduce the friction and to avoid excess of temperature. For example with the liquid fuel, heat and any inflammable object can harm the plastic hose pipe through which the fuel is transferred. For that purpose a covering of thick metal pipe which is braided and can be used in all kinds of the hose pipes. These flexible hoses are also used in the hydraulic brake system of the car. Braded hose are also used by oil and fuel industry as braided fuel hose. 
A hose made of braided steel that is a liner which must be used for higher flow rates. It’s a hose protection with an interwoven textile or wire braid. A Stainless Steel Braided Hose is generally used in permanent installations for pressure control and high corrosion applications such as high and low pressure chemical lines, hot water, steam, petroleum products, etc. For Pressure Control permanent applications, it is recommended to use High Temperature Pressure Control Hose. 

Different Use of Braided Hoses:

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There is a wide use of braided hoses but essentially, they can be utilized for the transfer of air, other gases, and liquids under low or high pressure. The steel braided hoses are especially helpful in manufacturing situations, where they can be used as part of hydraulic systems or to safely transfer liquid or gaseous chemical compounds through a production process in the assembly. The important thing to note is that the angle of the cording or wire used to reinforce the braided hose tubing may differ from one product to another. Braided hoses of various types are found in many altered retail outlets. Auto supply houses will feature hoses that are braided. Factory or industrial supply houses will also offer a number of braided hose products of all sizes and configurations. Many manufacturers also provide easy direct ordering by telephone or online.

Type of Braided Hoses

Basically four types of braided hose are used and also manufactured.
1.         Wire braided hose: These are made from wire braiding.
2.         Rubber Hose: Rubber is used for braiding the hose.
3.         PVC Nylon Braided Hose: This is manufactured using the finest grade raw material.
4.         Stainless Steel Hose: Manufactured using quality raw material such as SS 304 wire.

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Brake Hose Integrated Part of Braking System

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Brake is an essential part of any kinds automobile like Car, Bus,truck, motorbike. Almost every kinds of vehicles using similar brake system. The functioning of braking system should be 100% perfect because the failure of the brake system will be the cause of massive damage or life loss. Failure of braking system is just like as bad dream comes true.

Behind a perfect braking system multiple mechanical operation works with the help of some instrument. Brake hose is one of the most important part of the braking system.

How Brake Hose works?

Brake hose are the specially designed hose for transferring brake fluid through the brake system. Brake fluid create hydraulic pressure in wheel cylinder. Due to the hydraulic pressure wheel cylinder expand and convert kinetic energy into heat energy. Friction between brake pad and disc inhibits the wheel. 

Brake hose made for handling high pressure. As usual they made with the stainless steel braided hoses because they works under your car and designed to not crush easily.    

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