Hygienic Steam Cleaning Hose

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Hygienic steam hoses are designed with special rubber compound formulated for resisting the effects of the steam ageing. These days, most manufacturers consider latest technologies and follow international standards to produce steam hoses. Quality textile reinforcement offers maximum safety margins with high temperatures and pressures. Moreover, the cover is resistant to heat, ageing and abrasion.

Quality Connection in Industrial Steam Transfer Hoses 

Saturated or superheated. Dry or wet. Lantech Solutions offers high-quality steam transfer hoses to handle them safely and efficiently. It provides steam transfer hoses that work in steam transfer and heating applications at chemical plants, oil refineries, foundries, steel mills, shipyards, manufacturing plants, and a wide range of industrial applications.

Steam transfer hoses are tough, flexible, lightweight and reliable to take the heat up to 450°F and the pressure up to 250 psi. It is easier to estimate Lantech Solutions steam hoses for the best performance at highly competitive prices.

Types of Steam Cleaning Hoses:
  • Single wire-braided steam hose
  • Double wire-braided steam hose
  • Steel wire-braided steam hose
  • Red steam hose
  • 17 bar steam hose
Application: Steam hose can be used for heat control, cleaning, fire prevention, thawing, pumping, steam pump, hoists and blowout service in permanent or open-end installation operations. Additionally, it can also be used in steel mills, refineries, chemical plants, foundries, shipyards and heavy industrial applications in which high strength is necessary and severe environmental conditions are found. 

Usage: It can be used for conveying high pressure steam, hot water or temperature, to ensure the heat transfer and high temperature transfer.

Operating Temperature: 140 ℃ - 204 ℃

Structure: The rubber hose comprises of resistance to the pressurized steam and gaining of inner or middle layer, or more layers of spiral layer, outer layer and the high tensile steel wire braid. 

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