Types of Tygon Hose Tubing Materials

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There are various types of applications used for Tygon tubing. Its basis materials include plasticizer free, plastic, thermoplastic elastomer, Silicone, Fluoropolymer, Polyurethane and PVC. Every Tygon hose tubing material contains its singular properties and characteristics. However, the applications specific formulations of such materials are what make the unique Tygon tubing.

Here are some Tygon tubing materials that you can review to pick the relevant ones as per your needs:

Tygon Plastic Tubing:

Known as a vital and integral component of countless fluid transport systems, the Tygon plastic tubing offers an uncompromising standard of reliable performance in a wide range of applications. Different plastic tubing available for Tygon for each engineered to meet the specific needs of users including high purity, resistance to chemicals, abrasion, temperature fluctuations and durability. 

Plasticizer Free Tubing:

Plasticizer Free Tubing is chemical resistance tubing which is better for flexible and clear plastic tubing. The disposal of plasticizer free is safer than other tubing.

Tygon Silicone Tubing: 
High-quality Tygon silicone tubing is durable, ultra-smooth and meets all-important requirements of various regulatory standards. It provides a smooth inner bore to reduce the risks involved in braid reinforcement and particle entrapment permitting the use of under elevated working pressures.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing

Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing is useful in low and high temperature. It is commonly used in peristaltic pumps. The tubing produced in braid reinforced for higher pressure resistance, food grade and industrial grade. 

Tygon Polyurethane Tubing

Tygon Polyurethane Tubing is commonly used in food and beverage small engine fuel line and chemical industry. 

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  1. I didn't know that tubings come in many different types and five tubings are featured in this post, which is the most commonly used? Are tubings for hospital purposes only or can you use it to other stuff?

    - RandolphAustin.com

  1. Which is the most durable among the five types of tubings discussed here? I know tubings are utilized mostly in hospitals but what are the other industries that make use of tubings? Where is Tygon Silicone Tubing used for?

    - RandolphAustin.com

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