Tygon Flexible Hose Tubing Designed to Meet Various Requirements

Posted: Monday, 8 April 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

Known as a vital and integral part of fluid transport systems, Tygon flexible hose tubing offers an uncompromising standard of reliable performance in various applications. Tygon flexible hose tubing is available in a wide range of products designed to meet the specific requirements of users, including resistance to chemicals, abrasion and temperature fluctuations, as well as long service life, pressure variability and high purity. 

Excelthane polyurethane tubing is one of the best options when you require flexible polyurethane tubing which has quality abrasion resistance and high tear strength. Moreover, its ability to withstand in diverse temperatures from 100°F to 200°F made it an excellent alternative to plastic and rubber materials. It is made of exceptional ester-based polyurethane and Excelthane that do not contain any plasticizer which can cause tube hardening or flow contamination.

Food milk and dairy tubing is odor-free, taste-free and non-toxic that meets every regulatory standard for using milk, dairy and food applications. It is flexible, non-porous and smooth food tubing that promotes a sanitary fluid by maintaining an interior free of trapped particles and minimizing the potential of bacterial growth. Moreover, it is resistant to alkaline cleaners and ineffective by normally used sanitizers. 

Laboratory and vacuum tubing provides excellent and versatility at minimal cost than other options. The flexible tubing is a reliable alternative for transferring of gasses and liquids in various laboratory applications. The laboratory and vacuum tubing is ideal to use with medical devices and peristaltic pumps. Its inner bore is smooth enough like a glass which prevents build-up and makes it a clean and safe product. 

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