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The uses of hose pipes are many but the common and known to all are used for irrigation  purposes in the households. Hose pipe is a flexible pipe that is used for conveying any liquefied product like water, fuel, milk, etc. Basically these pipes are kind of tubes which are hollow from inside and are usually cylindrical which is helpful in transferring the liquids or even gases. The main use of the hose is to water the plants and it is made up of synthetic rubber or soft plastic that are further reinforced with an internal web of fibers. 

There are a number of industries present worldwide that use hose pipes differently in their manufacturing units. Like the use of hose is done to provide a proper air pressure while painting a car in the automobile industry. In the same way, different types of hose are used for different types of industry. 


     Air/Water Hose:   This hose pipe is used basically for all Air and Water applications that  requires maximum flexibility in industries like engineering, workshops, shipyards, irrigation, etc 

  PVC Hose:  Now days the use of PVC Hose has increased because it I non corrosive in nature and the most use of these kinds hose can be seen in the food industry. 

      Pneumatic Tool Hose:  These hose are used and recommended in all types of pneumatic tools industries for compressed air applications and construction work. 

 Rock Drill Hose:  Rock Drill Hose are used heavy machinery like Pneumatic Mining applications that require heavy duty hose with an oil resistant tube and abrasion resistant cover over it.


Brake Hose:  Brake hose or automobile hose are used in the cars brake system and are the best quality hose available in the world. 


 Quality and Standard of Hoses 

            As the hose are being used in both, heavy as well as small industries the quality standards are have to be set for it, especially for the food and beverages and fuel industries, as a miniscule amount of harmful chemical insertion can create a big problem. 

      Emitting pipe:  It is the other name given to the irrigation pipe used for gardening purposes in the house hold commonly. These are certified with IS: 13488.
      Micro Tube: These are used in constructions of laser equipments or are used for microscopic purposes, have a certification of IS: 14482.

      PVC Pipe:  These are generally used for food and beverages industry and come with a certification of IS: 4985.

 The uses of hose pipes are not limited to any particular industry or company but it is wide and has a number of varieties in itself. The little pipe from which you garden a plant of your garden may be a residual of the same pipe being used in the space station for another purpose.



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