Why PVC Hose Is Used Extensively In Agricultural Sector

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Premature ventricular contraction (PVC) is made of vinyl chloride. It a third widely produced plastic in the world after polyethylene and polypropylene. The role of PVC cannot be neglected in agricultural sector because its features for various farming activities. 
Mostly farmers use the steel suction and screw suction of PVC hose for spreading the chemical and fluids to irrigation lines. The transfer process via hoses for grains is helpful enough to get more than expected production. Farmers like to use it for various purposes and better results. 

Agronomists have expertise in field-crop production and soil management. They can also explain the benefits of flexible hoses and hose pipes by considering the requirements of your farmland. They first thoroughly review the needs of particular soils and then also give fruitful advices accordingly. 

The high pressure is another crucial aspect agriculturists want from hose pipes. PVC hose can be reinforced with wire for high pressure and quick transfer of liquid in all areas of your farmland. There are some commonly used PVC hoses like rubber lined fire hose, lay flat hose, suction hose and steel wire braided hose. With a little search, you can find them within your budget without compromising on the quality part. 

Some Other Types of PVC Houses Include:
·         PVC suction hose pipe
·         Rock Drill
·         PVC Rubber hose pipe
·         Nylon braided pipe
·         Food Grade pipe
·         PVC Tubing
·         Oil Hose

Uses of PVC Hose in Agriculture: 
·         Transferring compressed air or water
·         Pest Control
·         Green PVC smooth tube and ribbed cover
·         Agricultural spraying
·         High working pressure in flexible package and light weight
·         Woven fabric reinforcement
·         Best combination of durability, flexibility and value
·         Smooth tube and yellow PVC ribbed cover 

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Quality and Demanding Silicone Hoses and Fuel Hoses

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With a wide range of quality hoses, you can make the right selection of a suitable hose for your home or office. Its comprehensive products are offered by various companies at affordable prices to a number of industries including textile, pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing, petrochemical and food.
Before choosing anyone, ensure that you check the industry standard and then only buy the appropriate materials. This would help you install the flexible pipe for convening gas or liquid without any stoppage problem.

Types of Silicone Hoses
Silicone S/D Hose: Hygienic Silicone house is recommendable for dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

ü      316 SS Helix wire
ü      Complies with FDA 21CFR177.2600 and USP
ü      4 ply polyester reinforcement
ü      Extruded ultra smooth seamless liner
ü      Platinum cured
ü      Working temperature -60ºC to 200ºC
ü      Available in sizes 1/2” – 4”

Silicone Tubing: It is available in the market in wife, textile and tube which is normally used in automotive, hygienic and pharmaceutical applications. Some of its range of materials and fittings include flanges, RJT, BSP, IDF, SMS, DIN 11851 and Triclamp.

Silicone Braided Hose: It is widely used in food, PSUs, Pharma, Thermal Power Stations, Chemical, Heavy Engineering and Medical.

ü      Complies with FDA CFR 177.2600
ü      Smooth translucent cover and bore
ü      Working temperatures 220 C
ü      No affected by changes in temperature
ü      Available in sizes 1/8 up to 1
ü      Platinum-cured as standard

Types of Fuel Hoses

Rubber Gas Hose: Rubber gas hose is commonly used in vehicles like trucks and cars. It requires high-strength composite hoses which are made of plastic and rubber.

Aircraft Fuel Hose: Aircraft fuel hose use high composition of inner rubber structure with heat shields, which can be of steel or sleeves braided design.

Diesel Hose: It normally has a suction side and discharge, equipped with quality leak-proof fittings. 

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