Wide Range and Variety of Hose Reels for Industrial and Personal Uses

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Hose reels are cylindrical spindles made of fiberglass, metal or plastic and they are used to store hose pipes. The most usual types of hose reels are spring driven, motor driven or hand crank. They are categorized by the length and diameter of the type of hose they hold, the rewind method and the pressure rating. They can be fixed easily in a portable or permanent location, and attached to a cart, trailer or truck.

Hose Reels with Lantech Solutions

Lantech Solutions is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality hose reels. The company offers a wide range of industrial hose reels selected from the prominent manufacturers like Gen III and Reeltek. Its hose reels meet the most demanding and varied requirements that can be used for grease, oil, water, air and fuel for different industries.

The wide range of hose reel consists of three major types:

  1. Motor Driven
  2. Manual rewind hose reels
  3. Spring retractable hose reels

Spring Retractable Hose Reels

Spring retractable hose reels are manufactured to provide long-life and high-quality performance. With the tag of most reliable hose reels, they are extensively purchased by users to protect their hoses. They are ideal for wall mounting and ceilings and store up to 30 meters of hose as per the I.D.

Types of Spring Retractable Hose Reels:

  1. UPVC Spring Driven Enclosed Reels
  2. Steel Spring Driven Reels
  3. Stainless Steel Spring Driven Reel

Manual Rewind Hose Reels

Manual driven hose reels are compact and durable hose reels. They are best suitable for longer lengths of hose pipes having a larger bore. The commonly used manual driven hose reels include direct crank reel and bevel gear drive.

Some More Manual Rewind Hose Reels Include:

  1. Manual Steel Reels
  2. Manual Stainless Steel Reels

Motor Driven Hose Reels

They are commonly made for rugged and heavy-duty application that need long lengths of pipes and larger capacity to store them. Such types of hose reels are commonly used when their length become unmanageable by the hand crank reels.

Types of Motor Driven Hose Reels:

  1. Hydraulically Driven
  2. Electrically Driven
  3. Air Driven

PVC Hose Manufacturing Machines

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PVC hose manufacturing machines specialize in producing hose pipes, related molds, WPC pellet etc. They work by following certain standards with a number of plastic material properties. This ensures the best outcome and quality PVC hoses. There are several companies involved in offering demanded machines suitable for manufacturing plastic material properties.

They are also committed to manufacture and introduce a number of plastic extrusion machines. PVC hose manufacturing machines are also capable of producing customized production lines for different users. The quality of PVC hose matters a lot to get the expected outcome. So, it is essential to review all-important aspects thoroughly and pick the rightly manufactured hoses.

Refined plastic extrusion machines are also used extensively for manufacturing hose pipes. A wide range of extrusion machineries are used for producing PVC hose pipes all across the globe. To meet the diverse requirements, look for some suitable pipes and profile products with various material properties employed to different application in industries like lighting, building materials, furniture, decoration, stationery, medical equipment, toys, household appliances and many more.

To improve the quality and efficiency advanced production and processing equipments are employed. They are usually available in the market with a little search and you can pick the best one as per your needs after consulting with any specialized individual. Moreover, PVC hose manufacturing machines can be found in large production houses where they are used by reviewing basis and advanced requirements.

The types of PVC hoses you are thinking to buy determine their uses as well. Their uses may differ for different industries. So, ensure that you look at this aspect properly and make a right decision as per your needs. 

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Hygienic and Flexibility is Key Feacher of Food and Drink Hose

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Food & drink hoses are one of the best materials used in different industries like dairies, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and many more. Such hoses boast an extruded inner lining surface which is features exceptional polyester reinforcement featuring imparts for a long time. The quality and stable hoses are suitable for a wide range of industries.

Silicone hose and tubing structures are employed in various areas that need a great degree of cleanliness and stability. They are also compatible with high temperatures and resistant to extreme heat, and chemicals.

Applications of Food and Drink Hoses

Silicone hose and tubing structures are employed in a wide range of applications requiring sterile mode of filling and delivery modes, sanitary pump tubing, cell harvesting, fermentation industries, bioreactors, media processing, filtration and others.

Hygienic hose structures are best for fuel transfer, air in or moving steam and other manufacturing processes. There is no taste or odor that is imparted to the content of the content and raw material in manufacturing. It is really hydrophobic to make it easy to use in food and beverages, semiconductor device manufacturing, dairies, cosmetics, and more.

Modes of Hygienic Hose Structures

Hygienic hose structures have flexible and not composed of any organic structure, latex or phthalates. Such types of hydrophobic in nature can be autoclaved and sterilized with ease. They are widely use in biotechnological and pharmaceutical processes, load cell applications, liquid transfers, vacuum application and many more. Even they can be used in cell cultures, laboratories, sterile filling, drug delivery systems, pump tubing, dairy application, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

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Hygienic Steam Cleaning Hose

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Hygienic steam hoses are designed with special rubber compound formulated for resisting the effects of the steam ageing. These days, most manufacturers consider latest technologies and follow international standards to produce steam hoses. Quality textile reinforcement offers maximum safety margins with high temperatures and pressures. Moreover, the cover is resistant to heat, ageing and abrasion.

Quality Connection in Industrial Steam Transfer Hoses 

Saturated or superheated. Dry or wet. Lantech Solutions offers high-quality steam transfer hoses to handle them safely and efficiently. It provides steam transfer hoses that work in steam transfer and heating applications at chemical plants, oil refineries, foundries, steel mills, shipyards, manufacturing plants, and a wide range of industrial applications.

Steam transfer hoses are tough, flexible, lightweight and reliable to take the heat up to 450°F and the pressure up to 250 psi. It is easier to estimate Lantech Solutions steam hoses for the best performance at highly competitive prices.

Types of Steam Cleaning Hoses:
  • Single wire-braided steam hose
  • Double wire-braided steam hose
  • Steel wire-braided steam hose
  • Red steam hose
  • 17 bar steam hose
Application: Steam hose can be used for heat control, cleaning, fire prevention, thawing, pumping, steam pump, hoists and blowout service in permanent or open-end installation operations. Additionally, it can also be used in steel mills, refineries, chemical plants, foundries, shipyards and heavy industrial applications in which high strength is necessary and severe environmental conditions are found. 

Usage: It can be used for conveying high pressure steam, hot water or temperature, to ensure the heat transfer and high temperature transfer.

Operating Temperature: 140 ℃ - 204 ℃

Structure: The rubber hose comprises of resistance to the pressurized steam and gaining of inner or middle layer, or more layers of spiral layer, outer layer and the high tensile steel wire braid. 

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Wire Reinforced Silicone Tubing Features and Applications

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Wire Reinforced Silicone Tubing offers enhanced flexibility and high pressures that do not collapse even under vacuum. Its wire inner helix lets the hose bent without any fear of blocking and kinking airflow.

The wire reinforced silicone tubing is designed of several reinforcement and 316L SS helical wire offering supreme flexibility while maintaining high pressure ratings with complete capabilities of the vacuum. Generally, it is manufactured with an ultra-pure biopharmaceutical-grade silicone ensuring the process integrity.


  • High-pressure and vacuum rating
  • Biopharmaceutical grade
  • European Pharmacopoeia 3.1.9 FDA and ISO criteria
  • Meets all USP Class VI
  • Unsurpassed inner surface smoothness 
  • Ultra-flexible bend radius
  • Custom color-coding available
  • Available in 25-foot standard lengths
  • Imparts no taste or odor
  • Temperature range from -80°F (-62°C) to 500°F (260°C)
  • Autoclavable and sterilizable

  • Adapter connections
  • Radially crimped 316L SS or non-metallic fittings
  • Sanitary, non-metallic fittings

Typical Applications:

  • Production fermentation
  • Biopharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Bioreactor process lines
  • Bulk transfer
  • Pharmaceutical processing and production
  • Load cell
  • Vacuum pump applications

The tube is designed for endurance and high performance in custom coolant plumbing applications. It has silicone rubber with 3-ply reinforcement which makes it flexible and reliable temperatures from -50°C to +200°C. Moreover, a spiral cut and spiral wire reinforcement in its outer layer is designed in such a way that makes it resistant enough to collapse and bend tightly than the standard SHL hose. Whenever you come across any Wire Reinforced Silicone Tubing, ensure that you go through its different collections and pick the suitable one. 

Lantech Solutions Ltd Supplier of Silicone Hose and Tubing

Types of Tygon Hose Tubing Materials

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There are various types of applications used for Tygon tubing. Its basis materials include plasticizer free, plastic, thermoplastic elastomer, Silicone, Fluoropolymer, Polyurethane and PVC. Every Tygon hose tubing material contains its singular properties and characteristics. However, the applications specific formulations of such materials are what make the unique Tygon tubing.

Here are some Tygon tubing materials that you can review to pick the relevant ones as per your needs:

Tygon Plastic Tubing:

Known as a vital and integral component of countless fluid transport systems, the Tygon plastic tubing offers an uncompromising standard of reliable performance in a wide range of applications. Different plastic tubing available for Tygon for each engineered to meet the specific needs of users including high purity, resistance to chemicals, abrasion, temperature fluctuations and durability. 

Plasticizer Free Tubing:

Plasticizer Free Tubing is chemical resistance tubing which is better for flexible and clear plastic tubing. The disposal of plasticizer free is safer than other tubing.

Tygon Silicone Tubing: 
High-quality Tygon silicone tubing is durable, ultra-smooth and meets all-important requirements of various regulatory standards. It provides a smooth inner bore to reduce the risks involved in braid reinforcement and particle entrapment permitting the use of under elevated working pressures.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing

Thermoplastic Elastomer Tubing is useful in low and high temperature. It is commonly used in peristaltic pumps. The tubing produced in braid reinforced for higher pressure resistance, food grade and industrial grade. 

Tygon Polyurethane Tubing

Tygon Polyurethane Tubing is commonly used in food and beverage small engine fuel line and chemical industry. 

 Lantech Solutions Ltd Tygon Hose Tubing Manufacturer UK  

Uses of Tygon Fuel Grade Tubing

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Designed for efficient and safe handling of petroleum-based products, Tygon Fuel Grade Tubing resists swelling, cracking and embrittlement. It is a consistent and reliable performer Tygon Fuel Grade Tubing used for a number of applications. This can be used for small engine fuel lines to the coolant transfer. 

The tubing is specially designed for handling various industrial lubricants and fuels. This decreases the risk of failure because of leakage and cracking. So, it is safe and productive tubing that can be employed without any worry of injury. Make sure that you also consider the required safety measures to prevent any minor or major trouble.

The minimum extractability of Tygon Fuel Grade Tubing safeguards the vapor or liquid being transferred against the adulteration. It is extremely flexible and makes the installation easier, even in uneven environments. The hose is translucent yellow for the positive identification and allows the simple flow monitoring.

It is regularly used for handling glycol-based coolants, heating oil, gasoline, cutting compounds and kerosene. The maximum working temperature is 165°F with UV and ozone resistant. Its standard length is 50’. The tubing is priced in the market as per foot.

Food & Beverage Applications

There are many Tygon tubing like Tygon B-44-4X I.B, Tygon B-44-4X, Tygon Silver and Tygon B-44-3 used extensively in food & beverage industry. They are particularly used more in water purification systems, beverage dispensing, vitamin and flavor concentrate systems, dairy processing, cosmetic production and soft-serve dispensing. It is known as hygienic tubing; hence used to maintain the good quality of food products. 

Lantech Solutions Ltd Tygon Hose Manufacturer UK 

How to Find Quality Food PVC Hose

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Are you searching manufacturers of quality food PVC hose? There is no need to worry because there are many prominent companies involved in manufacturing and supplying like Lantech Solutions that can help you find the best food PVC hose.

Some Quality Food and Drink Hoses:
  • Citerdial
  • Lactadial
  • Alikler
  • Alikler D
  • Trellvin

There are some features of food hose pipes that you should review to determine whether the available products are suitable for you. Let find out them to make a right selection for an appropriate food grade PVC hose. 

Hose Features: 

Fluid verification – Food PVC hoses are transparent than rubber hoses for the smooth verification of fluid in hose pipes. 

Compliant with rules and regulations – It should comply with the rules and regulations made for food sanitation act. The hose gives a long service life with resistant to fats and oils. 

Compatible with vacuums – It can be used for pressure feed or suction situations. The hose has strong form holding to resist collapsing and breaking. 


Oil-resistant for durability – With the help of quality hose which is resistance to oil, it can be used without any trouble for industrial mechanical oil and oily foods.

Designed of soft and excellent PVC, food hoses are good to withstand pressure entirely for pressure feeding foods with a suitable vacuum. Make sure to check the food sanitation act compliance and proper safety while considering food PVC hoses. This would ensure to provide everything that is required for maintaining the best quality of food products. 

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Why Dry Break Couplings Are Suitable for Chemical Industry

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Dry break couplings for chemical industry are popular for their uses. For on-site purposes, such dry break couplings provide fast fluid, quick and safe transfer. This ensures to remove the loss of materials and reduce the financial waste.

It is really tough to connect hoses and other equipments of networking without dry break couplings. Since dry break couplings can work without any application of external buttons or levers, they have become well-known for industrial use, particularly in the chemical industry.

Dry break couplings operate with valve systems to channel chemicals in an effective way. There is no other tool suitable for transferring toxic chemical fluids. With the help of these couplings, there is gap, crack or leakage which can transport chemical to drip or spill. Additionally, the coupling is easy-to-use. You can also lock or unlock it with a single swivel action that does not require the usage of any extra device. 

There are many advantages of use dry break couplings. These are not only helpful in avoiding the wastage of materials but also resistant to damage or corrosion through chemicals. These do not experience any decomposition, oxidation or rusting even after using them for a long duration. 

Consequently, the standard of outcome grows up. Obviously, more and more users depend on such hose networking tools for completing products in time and with high-quality.  However, there are minimal commercial expenses. As they are durable, the requirement of buying replacements parts is eliminated for either the coupling or the hose. 

Dry break couplings are used widely by pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries. They are available in brass, stainless steel and aluminum. 

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Considering Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Hose

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Stainless steel braided fuel hose is used for oil systems, coolant and fuel which is compatible with hydrocarbon and synthetic based alcohol, hydrocarbon and lubricants based fuels, in addition to engine coolants. The hose functions over a range of temperature of -40°C to 177°C with outstanding flexibility, abrasion and heat resistance. 

Note: Use of stainless steel braided fuel hose in confined places with unleaded fuels can lead to fuel vapor smells. Ensure that it should not be used for any brake system. 

Stainless steel braided fuel hoses are also known as performance and racing fuel hose which is on the verge of the major transformation. Hose and fittings have developed incrementally which various manufactures featuring their specific designed innovations. However, their basic appearance and structure functionality have remained much similar. 
Braided stainless steel hoses are available in different lengths to choose from. You can easily opt for anyone as per your needs. Find out an exact length of braided stainless steel hose required for the section of fuel line. It should be assembled in an appropriate way to get the best result and work efficiently. 

Make sure to mark the area where the cut in is available in the hose. This is made with an electrical tape. Properly wrap the tape around the braided hose with the cut line at the center. This way, it would be easier to protect the braided stainless steel hose with covered tape. Lantech Solutions also provides quality stainless steel braided fuel hoses in a wide range. You can opt for a suitable one as per your needs at a reasonable price. 

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