Brake Hose Integrated Part of Braking System

Posted: Saturday, 22 September 2012 by Franklin Borsman in

Brake is an essential part of any kinds automobile like Car, Bus,truck, motorbike. Almost every kinds of vehicles using similar brake system. The functioning of braking system should be 100% perfect because the failure of the brake system will be the cause of massive damage or life loss. Failure of braking system is just like as bad dream comes true.

Behind a perfect braking system multiple mechanical operation works with the help of some instrument. Brake hose is one of the most important part of the braking system.

How Brake Hose works?

Brake hose are the specially designed hose for transferring brake fluid through the brake system. Brake fluid create hydraulic pressure in wheel cylinder. Due to the hydraulic pressure wheel cylinder expand and convert kinetic energy into heat energy. Friction between brake pad and disc inhibits the wheel. 

Brake hose made for handling high pressure. As usual they made with the stainless steel braided hoses because they works under your car and designed to not crush easily.    

By Lantech Solutions Ltd  a Hose Manufacturers UK