Flexible Hoses for Petrochemical Industries

Posted: Saturday, 13 April 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

Petrochemical industry hoses are available to convey petro chemicals and other petroleum product such as solvents, fertilizers, paints and detergents. Such hoses are oil resistant and ensure to provide high-quality as per the industrial standards. Petrochemical industry hoses offer safety valves to work with hazardous materials. So, they provide great reliability to work with natural gas and petroleum products efficiently. 

Fuel Hoses

Fuel and oil hoses are hoses which are designed particularly for petrol, oil and other petrochemical products that contain aromatic content around 50%. The all-important category of Pharma and Chemical hoses are available in a wide range of fuel hose such as: 

Braided Fuel Hose This type of silicon braided hose contains a bore and translucent cover which is smooth. It is designed in such a way that no changes in weather can affect this hose. The braided fuel hose is available in standard platinum cured material that can work with a high working temperature. 

Chemikler UPE – It is commonly used for suction and discharge of chemicals like aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated, corrosive, oxygenized solvents, and acids. Chemikler UPE is used in chemical plants and versatile for handling a wide range of chemicals. The manufacturing of such hoses provide great bending radius and mechanical strength. 

Oil and Fuel Hose – This is a well-known petrochemical hose designed for applications related to the petrochemical industry. The hose is highly flexible and resistant to petroleum products. Oil and fuel hose is suitable for prevailing weather conditions. 

Chemikler EPDM – The fuel hose is used to discharge and suction of chemicals that are corrosive such as alcohols, ketones and acids. 

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