How to Find Quality Food PVC Hose

Posted: Friday, 19 April 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

Are you searching manufacturers of quality food PVC hose? There is no need to worry because there are many prominent companies involved in manufacturing and supplying like Lantech Solutions that can help you find the best food PVC hose.

Some Quality Food and Drink Hoses:
  • Citerdial
  • Lactadial
  • Alikler
  • Alikler D
  • Trellvin

There are some features of food hose pipes that you should review to determine whether the available products are suitable for you. Let find out them to make a right selection for an appropriate food grade PVC hose. 

Hose Features: 

Fluid verification – Food PVC hoses are transparent than rubber hoses for the smooth verification of fluid in hose pipes. 

Compliant with rules and regulations – It should comply with the rules and regulations made for food sanitation act. The hose gives a long service life with resistant to fats and oils. 

Compatible with vacuums – It can be used for pressure feed or suction situations. The hose has strong form holding to resist collapsing and breaking. 


Oil-resistant for durability – With the help of quality hose which is resistance to oil, it can be used without any trouble for industrial mechanical oil and oily foods.

Designed of soft and excellent PVC, food hoses are good to withstand pressure entirely for pressure feeding foods with a suitable vacuum. Make sure to check the food sanitation act compliance and proper safety while considering food PVC hoses. This would ensure to provide everything that is required for maintaining the best quality of food products. 

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