Types of Hoses and Their Uses

Posted: Tuesday, 9 April 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

Hoses are used for so many purposes with different applications than simply washing vehicles and watering plants. In fact, many hoses which are not at all for household tasks. There are a lot of hose products available which have their own uses. They include hose reel, pressure hose, braided hose, hose coupling and hydraulic hose.

A braided hose varies from the usual household garden hose in which it is reinforced with firm materials. Generally, garden hoses are designed of rubber featuring nylon or stainless steel wrapped around so that the hose can withstand pressure than any usual garden hose.

Hoses for Construction: 

  • Decoking Hoses
  • Hydraulic Pile Driver Hoses
  • High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses
  • Grouter Hoses
  •  Jetting Hoses
Hoses for Drilling Applications: 

  • Motion Compensator Hoses
  • Rotary Hoses / Kelly Hoses
  • Mud Delivery Hoses
  • Vibrator Hoses
  • Cementing Hoses
  • Choke and Kill Hoses
Hoses for Gas/Oil Production: 

  • Firewater Hoses
  • Well Test Hoses
  • Water Injection Hoses
  • Oil Production
  • Gas Diverter Hoses
  • Gas Injection Hoses
Flexible Hoses and Pipelines for Gas and Oil Transport:
  • Dock Hoses
  • Topside Jumpers
  • Gas Export Lines
  • Subsea Flow Lines
  • High Pressure Oil Export Hoses
  • Tie-In Lines

A hydraulic hose commonly found added to a hydraulic pump on any heavy equipment. These types of hoses are designed to withstand high temperature and pressure and commonly made of various layers of thick wire and rubber. It is normally required to have a strong exterior and outfitted with steel on both the ends.

In order to clean the outside mess, a pressure hose is used for quality products. This can also withstand with extreme pressure, commonly up to 5,000 PSI. There is a pressure-wash hose as well which is resistant to most of the detergents, which are helpful while cleaning up sidewalks, driveways and construction areas. 

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