Hygienic and Flexibility is Key Feacher of Food and Drink Hose

Posted: Monday, 13 May 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

Food & drink hoses are one of the best materials used in different industries like dairies, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and many more. Such hoses boast an extruded inner lining surface which is features exceptional polyester reinforcement featuring imparts for a long time. The quality and stable hoses are suitable for a wide range of industries.

Silicone hose and tubing structures are employed in various areas that need a great degree of cleanliness and stability. They are also compatible with high temperatures and resistant to extreme heat, and chemicals.

Applications of Food and Drink Hoses

Silicone hose and tubing structures are employed in a wide range of applications requiring sterile mode of filling and delivery modes, sanitary pump tubing, cell harvesting, fermentation industries, bioreactors, media processing, filtration and others.

Hygienic hose structures are best for fuel transfer, air in or moving steam and other manufacturing processes. There is no taste or odor that is imparted to the content of the content and raw material in manufacturing. It is really hydrophobic to make it easy to use in food and beverages, semiconductor device manufacturing, dairies, cosmetics, and more.

Modes of Hygienic Hose Structures

Hygienic hose structures have flexible and not composed of any organic structure, latex or phthalates. Such types of hydrophobic in nature can be autoclaved and sterilized with ease. They are widely use in biotechnological and pharmaceutical processes, load cell applications, liquid transfers, vacuum application and many more. Even they can be used in cell cultures, laboratories, sterile filling, drug delivery systems, pump tubing, dairy application, food and beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

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