PVC Hose Pipes a Flexible Tubing Solutions

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When it comes to plastic tubing products one name that beats the rest is the PVC family. PVC or Poly-Vinyl Chloride is one of the most versatile products found in chemical industry.  It has an extensive use in various industries starting from construction, wire insulation, pipes to window frames. It is known for its new age flexible hose which has widest range of applications.  When plasticizer is mixed with it the compound becomes more flexible and becomes one of the best materials for clear tubing.

What is Hose Pipe?

Hose pipe or garden hose is nothing but a bendable pipe which is used to convey liquid or gas. This is a long hollow container which is used for transferring liquid. They are usually attached to a tap and can be found in variety of colors and sizes. They are made up of soft plastic or synthetic rubber held together by a web of fibers. As result of which the hose pipes are flexible and facilitate pulling them through plants or other kinds of hindrances.

Hose Pipe Characteristics

PVC hose pipes are non-corrosive, resistance free, have excellent abrasion, rubber like flexible and have outstanding flow characteristics. Added to all these features, they are made up of various formulations for fuel and water. This is the reason why they are used in number of industries like food and beverage, general industries, pharmaceutical and various mechanical applications.

Why It is Preferred Most?   

Nowadays this flexible hose has become one of the preferred choices for tubing fuel or water and can be customized according to needs. In fact it can be printed, cut or thermally bonded. You can rely on PVC hose without worrying about the quality.

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