Advantage of PVC hose in Industry

Posted: Friday, 26 October 2012 by Franklin Borsman in

PVC hose pipes are extremely useful in various industries. This is because they are characterized with a  flexible hose. With the coming up of latest inventions and newer technologies there has been tremendous improvement in the field of hose pipes. With the coming up of PVC which is the acronym for polyvinyl chloride, it is a common sight in industries. This is due to its flexibility, durability and chemical resistant properties.

Today PVC is not only used for making hoses but other types of inflatable structures like flooring, clothing and variety of other purposes. PVC hose is preferred for number of uses like suction, water distribution, sewerage pipes, pharmaceutical, sanitary sewing purposes, food and drink including plumbing purposes. Therefore it is one of the prime choices for industrial uses. Here are some advantages like:

Light weighted so can also be connected underground
Non-toxic in nature

Since it is flexible it can not only transfer water but fuel as well without worrying about wastage and spills. Due to the above mentioned characteristic this makes it ideal to connect various parts of the machinery with other moving parts. In fact it acts as that part of the machine that helps in transferring and stopping the flow of corrosive gases and acids. It is also effective for all types of plumbing purposes.

Before buying a PVC hose make a thorough research and buy only from reputed manufacturers. Yes, this can be a tedious task but prevention is always better than cure. If you go for inferior ones then it might lead to leakage leading to accidents. On the other it can contaminate food if used repeatedly. Therefore it is advisable to throw it once it becomes unsuitable for use.

Lastly it is important to take other things into account like diameter, material and length of the hose pipe before using it.

By Lantech Solutions Ltd  a Hose Manufacturers UK