How to Employ Expandable PVC Couplings

Posted: Sunday, 31 March 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

Expandable PVC couplings are used for watering the garden sprinkler systems. If such sprinkler pipe breaks or cracks, cut out the broken area and install an expandable coupling with the help of gluing and priming into the line. This is an easy process that you can employ without much difficulty. Anyone who has little knowledge and know-how about expandable PVC couplings or Drybreak Coupling can perform this process. 


  • First of all, turn off the water to the sprinkler system. Ensure that you evaluate the length of coupling when it is not expanded. Both of the damaged sides should be marked between the specific marks which are similar to the length of the PVC coupling. 
  •  Cut the pipe at marks using a hacksaw or pipe cutter. Take away burrs with the help of a utility knife.
  •  Use PVC printer to the corner of pipe ends. Now prime the inside of male outlet and female inlet of the expansion coupling. Additionally, you should also prime the inside of the straight PVC coupling
  •  Unthread the nut from the PVC coupling by your hand. Use glue to the female inlet and one side of the pipe. Press on the pipe into female inlet and hold foe at least 30 seconds. 
  •  Apply the glue to the remaining end of the pipe, inside of the coupling and end of the male outlet. Push the straight coupling to the pipe end and male end of the expansion coupling into the straight coupling. Hold for it at least 30 seconds. Thread the nut back into expansion PVC coupling.

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