How to Assemble a Stainless Braided Hose

Posted: Monday, 11 March 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

Stainless steel braided hoses are well-known for carrying fluids in automotive applications, mostly the high-performance applications. The stainless hose assembly contains a length of braided stainless hose, along with a hose end attached to its each end. Ends of the hose consist of a socket that slips over the end of a nipple and stainless hose, which threads into the socket. 

Stainless steel braided hose ends are usually found in sizes from 3 to 20 inches, signifying an approximate diameter of the hose. For example, if a – 10 hose would have around inside diameter of 10/16 or 5/8 inch, it is necessary that the hose ends should be of equal diameter. 

  1. Measure properly and cut the hose to length. Now, wrap the hose tightly with duct tape or masking tape before cutting; this protects the stainless braid from fraying. Ensure that you cut the hose using the hacksaw.
  2. Put in the hose into socket. Make sure to clamp the socket into the vise, and gently push the hose into the socket, using a twisting motion. Once the hose is properly inserted into the socket, mark in a place where the hose get in touch with the socket through the fine-tipped marker.
  3. The next step is threading the nipple into the socket. Carefully lubricate the threads of both the socket and nipple, with inside the hose, through assembly lube and motor oil. Thread the nipple thoroughly into the socket, ensuring that the socket stays fully seated to the hose.

Tips and Warnings

  1. Braided wire sheath ends are razor sharp. Make sure to wear the gloves for protecting your hands.
  2. Use a set of ‘soft jaw’ aluminum vise and insert it to protect the finish of the hose ends while assembly.
  3. Hoses can be cut using a grinder equipped with a cutoff wheel or using shears designed for cutting the braided hose.