Hose Fittings – Know About Their Applications, Materials and Types

Posted: Tuesday, 12 March 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

Hose and fittings are different products that can be ordered by individuals or companies as per their specific needs. Both of them are commonly used to provide pneumatic and hydraulic fluid power to specific industries. They are placed separately and known as hose fittings. There are some people who may go for their own hose assemblies with the help of such industrial products. 

When it comes to buying a hose, ensure that you go through different types of hoses and pick the relevant one that satisfies your needs. Hoses are classified as duct, air, chemical, hydraulic, spray, fuel, mine, and heater. Pharmaceutical hose is also very popular and widely used by people. If you want this kind of hose, you can opt for it easily with a little search in market. However, you should keep all-important requirements in your mind and then only think to take the final decision for buying purpose.

While selecting the fittings, options include black pipe, steel, brass and aluminum. To find out more about such hose fittings, go through the following facts: 

Types of Arrays 

There are several types of industrial hoses are available such as side outlets, bulkhead fittings, tees, caps compression fittings, wyes, couplings, offsets, crimp sockets, reducers, adapters, plugs, elbows, ferrules, and expansion joints. 

Materials Used for Manufacturing Hose Fittings 

There are two materials used for manufacturing industrial hose fittings. They are found in plastics and metals. Metals are also used for design the products like brass, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, while plastic materials comprise nylon and fluoropolymers.