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Dry break couplings are designed to safely transfer volatile liquids, hazardous corrosive like petrochemicals, solvents and acids. An interlocking handle prevent accidental spills by avoiding uncoupling while the valve is unlock. You can easily find dry break couplings for various types of hazardous fluids in which product loss is an issue like gases, slurries, high flow rates and high-pressure lines. 


Ease-To-Use: Easy lever action connects valve to the coupler and opens and closes the flow 360 degree orientation ensuring an appropriate alignment and seating. No tabs, clamps, loops, or clips can cause operator fault. 

Driest Disconnect in the Industry: Make sure to get less than 1-cc of fluid loss from 3 units.

Ideal for high-pressure line applications – It can be opened and closed against 150 psi maximum to the head pressure. 

Optimum Flow Rate: High-viscosity applications or less obstruction in easy-flow interior optimizes the flow rate in the high-pressure. 

Unprecedented Safety: The safety meets or exceeds every stringent emission and offer complete safety requirements set by OSHA, EPA and others.

Spill Prevention: The poppet-actuated design can be opened easily simply by following a few steps. This type of coupling provides a tight seal when it is closed. 

Easy Cleaning: It can be disassembled quickly and give a great result. With the help of an appropriate cleaning, it is easier to get the best outcome as per your wish. 

Easy Access Connection: Offers easy connection tank trucks, access cars, in-process operations, and intermodal tanks.

Apart from them there are plenty of benefits of dry break couplings that can be a good reason for buying such types of couplings and use them efficiently. 

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