Brief Overview of Tygon Hose

Posted: Sunday, 10 March 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

Tygon is a well-known brand for flexible hose consisting of a number of materials. Tygon hoses are used in various markets including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, laboratory, semiconductor processing, chemical processing, medical industry. There are a lot of formulations of flexible, clear, Tygon tubing.

The physical properties and chemical resistance vary among the diverse formulations, but the tubing normally is considered “resistant to the chemical attack that it is going to handle practically any chemical”, whether it is slurry, gas or liquid. 

Food & Beverage Applications 

There are many Tygon hoses used in food and beverage industry, especially in water purification systems, beverage dispensing, cosmetic production, dairy processing, vitamin and flavor concentrate systems, and soft-serve dispensing. Some of these applications include Tygon B-44-4X I.B, Tygon B-44-4X, Tygon B-44-3, and Tygon Silver. These formulations meet all the U.S. NSF International 51 and Food & Drug Administration 3-A criteria. However, they do not complete with European Directives. 

Industrial Use 

There are many formulations of Tygon used in industrial applications. For flow monitoring and positive identification, you can use the translucent yellow i.e. Tygon Fuel and Lubricant Tubing F-4040-A. Generally, it is used in small engine fuel lines, lubrication lines, and recreational vehicles.

Peristaltic Pumps

There are various formulations of Tygon which can be used in peristaltic pumps, including some of the following:

  • Tygon LFL
  • Tygon R-1000 Ultra-Soft Tubing
  • Tygon R-3603 Laboratory Tubing

If you want to buy any Tygon hose, you can easily find out its various options in the market with a little search. Ensure you thoroughly review it’s all the alternatives and make the right choice as per needs. 

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