Hygienic and Sterile Silicone Hose

Posted: Monday, 25 March 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

The lined silicone hose is developed to minimize the risk of contamination of air or fluid by the hose pipe from trace level extractable materials that are found commonly in conventional silicones like Siloxanes. This is suitable for the use in a wide range of chemical gas/fluid transfer applications in which the risk of contamination requires to be minimized to meet the requirements of applications. These can range from motorsport bikes and cars, to truck and even rail industry needs while also suitable to be used in sterile and hygienic environments.

General Use

Hygienic hose is designed to meet the requirements and standards of biotechnical and pharmaceutical industries. Particularly to resist extreme temperature and high wear rate of the peristaltic pump. It is resistant to UV concentrations, ozone and a number of chemicals. This does not contain any acid or sulphur producing extracts to leach into the product.

The reliable hygiene is essential in food and beverage industry. In order to ensure that you choose an appropriate hose line, you should always review the coupling system and hose materials. Moreover, the role of pressure-bearing materials and rubber compounds also play a crucial role in selection process.

Food and beverage hoses are suitable for various applications in beverage industry. Due to their trouble-free and easy-to-use handling, they guarantee a high quality product that works for a long duration without causing any difficulty to use. The hose fitting system is designed from the stainless steel as a standard. So, you can expect the best quality hygienic and sterile silicone hose with a little knowledge about it. 

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