Considering Quality Metallic Hoses

Posted: Friday, 8 March 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

Metal hose is designed with a flexible metal line element. Generally, there are two kinds of metal hoses that vary in their application and design: corrugated hoses and strip wound hoses. Strip wound hoses contain a high mechanical strength like tear strength and tensile strength. 

Corrugated hoses offer maximum leak tightness and withstand high pressure on account of specific materials. Such hoses exhibit pressure tightness and corrosion resistance under extreme conditions, like at extreme temperatures or in aggressive seawater. These are used while transporting cooled liquid gas. They are especially used for conveying cold and hot substances. 

With a history of hundreds of years, metal hoses have improved the demand of other flexible line elements too, including flexible metal pipes, metal expansion joints, semi-flexible and metal bellows. In Germany only, there are more than 3500 patents for metal hoses which are related to these hoses directly or indirectly. The use of metal hoses can be seen in various parts of the world for diverse purposes. 


Flexibility of metal hoses is attained by means of elastic behavior of the corrugation. When the hose is bent, its outer corrugations divide while the inner corrugations get squeezed together.

The bending and flexibility behavior of corrugated hoses rely on the particular specific profile shape. While flexibility rises with an increase in profile height and a decrease in the corrugation spacing, there is a decrement in pressure resistance. This frequently needed semi-flexible bending behavior is accomplished by flat profiles. As per the use of hoses, particular application-specific profile shapes are applied.

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