Considering Quality EPDM Hoses

Posted: Thursday, 14 March 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a synthetic hose that can be used with various applications as it is very cost effective and specifically suited for medium to large volume batch runs. The ethylene content is approximately 45% to 75%. The more ethylene contents the better loading possibilities of the polymer, improved extrusion and mixing. 

Peroxide curing such polymers offer a higher crosslink density related to the amorphous counterpart. The amorphous polymer is also good for processing. This is influenced by the molecular structure. Dienes commonly comprising from 2.5% up to 12% by the weight of composition as cross links while curing with resin and sulphur with peroxide cures. 

Uses of EPDM Hoses

EPDM hose is used in seals like in cold-room doors. It is also used extensively in UV protection, glass-run channels, solar panel heat collectors, radiators, O-rings, garden and appliance hose, vibrators, tubing, electrical insulation, pond liners, belts, and washers, and speaker cone surrounds. 

As it does not affect and pollute the run-off rainwater, it is used as a medium for water resistance in roofing membranes, electrical cable-jointing, vulcanizates, plastic impact modification, geomembranes, thermoplastic, rubber mechanical goods, and other applications.

Colored EPDM granules are added and mixed with sprayed, troweled and polyurethane binders onto wood, concrete, screenings, interlocking brick, asphalt etc. for creating a soft, non-slip, porous safety surface for wet-deck areas like safety surfacing and pool decks under playground play equipment made to aid lessen fall injury. 

When it comes to selecting quality EPDM hoses, ensure that you review the available options in the market thoroughly and pick the suitable ones as per your needs. An extensive research about EPDM rubber hoses can enrich your knowledge about them and help you pick the appropriate product. 

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