PVC Hoses for Food and Dairy Products

Posted: Friday, 15 March 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

If you have a business in which you deals in liquid products such as milk, petrol, oil and other, it is necessary to use quality hoses. This would ensure to give you the best results and work in an efficient way. The hose is used for transferring the product from the processing area to the tank, truck or delivery van.

Using low quality hoses can be a cause of concern for daily products like milk. So, you have to be very careful while working with food products to maintain their alimentary. 

What is a Quality Hose? 

A quality hose is that one which is leak free and has secured ends which can be used to transfer goods from the processing plant to the delivery tank. It should be flexible so that it gets the desired shape even if there are some distortions in its shape.

The quality hose should odor or free from smell as it may contaminate food products. It should be light-weighted and has ability to withstand even in high temperatures. A quality daily hose is used with equipments for milk collection and distribution. Such pipes are abrasions and weather resistant and can withstand pressure up to 18 bars. They even work at a usual pressure of 6 bars.

Hoses can withstand temperature up to 80C, so they can be employed in farms in which pasteurization is used. Such hoses are designed as per European and the US standards. PVC hose is widely used for transferring liquid food. PVC hose is a transparent hose and suitable for the daily and food industry.