How to Assemble a Braided Fuel Hose

Posted: Monday, 25 March 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

Braided fuel hoses are well-known for carrying liquids in high-performance automotive applications. The stainless hose assembly includes a length of braided stainless hose with an attached hose to its both the ends. Each end contains a socket that slips over stainless hose’s nipple and end, which treads into its socket. The stainless hose and its ends are normally available in sizes from 30 to 20 inches.

There is a number that signifies about inside diameter of the braided fuel hose. For example, a hose of 10 inches would have an approx. inside diameter of 5/8 or 10/16 inches. Moreover, the ends of such hoses should be of equal diameter. 

Steps to Assemble a Braided Fuel Hose: 

  • Calculate and cut the fuel hose to the length. Make sure to wrap the hose tightly with a duct tape or masking tape before cutting it. This would ensure that it keeps the stainless braid from frazzling. Now, cut the hose through the hacksaw.
  • Put in your hose into the socket. Hold tightly the socket through a vise and push it into the socket. You can do this practice in a twisting movement. The time hose is properly inserted into the socket, mark the area where it meets the socket.
  • Thread the hose’s nipple into the socket. Ensure that you lubricate the threads of socket and nipple inside the hose through the assemble lube or motor oil. Fully thread the nipple into socket, ensure that the socket stays completely seated on the braided fuel hose. Nipple using an open-end wrench tightly within 1/16 inches of the socket.

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