What Are the General Applications for Flexible Hoses?

Posted: Wednesday, 20 February 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

A flex hose or flexible hose is an industrial hose that is used for various purposes. It can be used to transfer fluid or oil from one place to another. A flexi hose is also essential in hydraulic and other applications. Its common usages can be seen in heavy industries like mining and construction. An industrial hose is normally characterized with flexibility.

To understand more about the flexible hose, there can be general or any specific categories for the industrial product.

General and Specific Applications

I have just mentioned about the general and specific applications of industrial hose in this blog a while back. Dust collection, woodworking and filtration are an example for this. The hose is used to complete the dust collector design and helpful in accumulating the small chips and dust.

There is another general application for the industrial hose i.e. lawn vacuum and leaf collection. Sometimes, it is tough to properly clean the lawn without the help of a lawn mower. However, the hose has made the lawn moving easier and convenient.

The metalwork is useful for a flexible hose. Oil mist in machining centers is transmitted by using the material. It is also a good option for fume control as it allows the removal of fumes that are collected in internal spaces.

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