Drybreak Couplings

Posted: Monday, 25 February 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

Drybreak couplings are designed to avoid the loss of product while protecting the operator, environment, and disconnecting hose lines. In order to select an appropriate coupling, it is necessary to know the application, by the way the below mentioned are the primary areas.

  • Coupling functionality (the type of valving, interchangeability, allowable spillage or other requirements)
  • Size requirements (these are related to nominal bore sizes of specific pipe systems or its surroundings)
  • The media (it may have any diverse states while flowing through the coupling)
  • Operating conditions (suitable for the coupling and its specific environment)

Dry Link

Dry disconnected is designed for specific applications in which any spillage should be avoided. The patented valve design offers an extraordinary lightweight and affordability when it comes to a mechanical interlock preventing accidental openings. 

Banjo Dry-Mate

It is a user-friendly product that can be used simply by following a few simple steps. The handles interlock makes it easy to recognize. There is no involvement of guessing in it.

CleanBreak Dry Disconnect

This is used to install throughout the world, commonly used widely in food industries, agriculture, biotechnology, petroleum and chemical industries, along with pharmaceutical.

Banjo Dry-Mate

Dry-Mate is designed for a safe connection measuring all important safety measures in the mind.  Its double ball design offers a maximum flow. Moreover, its cam lever style of connection is a recognized coupling connector.

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