Brief Overview of Metallic Hose and Its Types

Posted: Saturday, 23 February 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

A metallic hose is a flexible mental line element. Generally, there are two types of mental hoses that vary for their application and design i.e. corrugated hoses and stripwound hoses. Stripwound hoses contain a high mechanical strength (for instance – tear strength and tensile strength). On the other hand, corrugated hoses can provide maximum leak tightness and resist high pressure on account of such materials. 

Stripwound Hose: The type of hose consists of spirals that are loosely interlocked. This can also be highly flexible. The hose is commonly available in two basic variants – in an interlocked profile or an engaged profile. Both of them provide high flexibility because of the profile structure. For this, such hoses are commonly used as protective or insulating hoses around the inner tube.

Stripwound hose is designed by helically winding cold-rolled, profiled metal strip onto a mandrel in which the helical coils are interconnected. However, they stay movable because of the type of profiling. 

Corrugated Hose: The permissible operating pressures for corrugated hose with small dimensions reach 380 bar. But the pressure resistance of the large dimensions is less for technical reasons. The stainless steel model has a temperature resistance up to 600 °C, as per the pressure load.

The corrugated hose is affordable and flexible connecting various elements that permit movement, vibrations and thermal expansion. 

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