Steps to Clean a Fuel Oil Tank

Posted: Thursday, 28 February 2013 by Franklin Borsman in

Cleaning a is an essential aspect of maintenance that you should always consider whenever you come across any sludge. This is an easy and straightforward process that can be employed by individuals. All you need is an appropriate cleaning solution, an air hose and an air pump. Though it is not a difficult task, it is also necessary to take some precautions to ensure that everything will be done properly and safely to make your fuel oil tank durable.

  • Start with opening the drainage valve and drain the fuel oil tank. Then the fluid will get appropriately fit into the receptacle. Now, remove the receptacle and replace it with another one to use the water hose and spray the fuel oil tank with water until it properly gets clean.

  • Change the drainage cap on the fuel tank and open its filler. Ensure that you fill the tank completely with a solution of one cup of trisodium phosphate (TSP) cleaning powder per five gal. Now, put an air hose into the fuel oil tank through the primary filler until it reaches at the bottom of the tank. Switch on the air pump and leave it to agitate the solution for minimum 12 hours.

  • The next step is draining the TSP solution as it is phosphate free, it can be easily down the drain or poured into the toilet. When the drainage cap is removed, spray within the oil fuel tank using the hose once again.

  • Finally, dry the tank and so that it becomes ready to use properly.

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