Different Kinds of Hoses

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A flexible pipe can also be defined as a hose which is mainly used for conveying liquid or gases. It can also be defined as a long hollow object used for carrying water or any other liquid. They are in the shape of a circle from the tip of the pipe and cylindrical in shape from its body. They are manufactured in various sizes and materials. There are various kinds of attachments available in the market which can be used for different purposes like sprinkling water in the garden or transferring any liquid into a container or vehicle. You can buy various kinds of tubes from tygon tubing at affordable prices. You can also place the order through the online mode and pay the bill through credit or debit card.

Different Types of Hoses

There are many types of hoses available in the market for various purposes. Hose manufacturers are manufacturing hoses by using different materials such as silicon, plastic, aluminum etc depending on its use by the customer. The different types of hoses are

•           Garden Hose-They are mostly green or black in color but available in other colors also. They are mainly made up of synthetic plastic or rubber. This is reason why garden hoses are flexible and smooth. They are generally used with cold water but if they made up of material which can withstand hot water then they can be used with hot water as well.

•           Silicon Hoses-Hoses that are made up by using silicon material then they are called as silicon hoses. The typical applications of this are

=>        Coolant for machines and equipments.
=>        Used as connector for beverage transfer.
=>        Used in medical equipments.
=>        Used in transfer of chemicals and adhesive materials.
=>:       Flexible Hoses- They are made of up of flexible materials such as rubber or plastic. They are also called flexi hose. They are used to work under high pressures.
•    Stainless Steel Braided Hoses-They are designed and made by using stainless steel or aluminum. Inner tube is made up of rubber so that they can compensate for thermal expansion and contraction in the piping system. They can be used under high pressure and temperature. There are many varieties in this category also. Some are designed with wire braiding and some are mixed with zinc metal.

•           Gardening Hose- It is simple long tube mainly for watering the plants.

•           Industrial Hose-It is used for handling the high pressures while the transfer of chemicals or gases.

•           Ultra High Pressure hose-It is water jet hose used for watering at 400 bar.

•           Hydraulic Hose-It is also a watering hose. They are designed to hold the high pressure of water. They are made up by several layers of rubber and wire.

•           Fire hose-It is used by fire fighters to convey water at the site of fire.

•           Tough Hose-It is used for water the plants in drip irrigation.

•           Brake hose- This kind of hose is used in cars for applying the brakes.

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    Great post. Hoses are greater in demand as it is used for various purpose. There are various types of hoses in market and different type of material is used.

  1. Different hoses for diffirent needs. This is great source of information regarding the different types of hoses one can find in the market. We're all familiar with the garden hose as most of us have this in our homes.

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  1. I'm more familiar with the gardening hose as this is one important tool for the garden and of course the fire hose because it's used by firemen. However, i must admit, i don't know much about the other kinds of hoses featured here. I really never had an idea about the other types till i found this post.

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