C-Flex Tubing for Medical Need

Posted: Saturday, 6 October 2012 by Franklin Borsman in

Hose pipes impacting our daily life in deep. We cannot deny how it is important for us. Hose pipes are broadly used in home, bathroom, garden, car and almost every manufacturing and cleaning industry. Hoses are also having more importance for medical and pharmaceutical industries.It's helpful to performing some critical life saving operation like breathing and blood transferring system.     

What is C-Flex Tubing (C-Flex®)

C-Flex Tubing are flexible hose specifically designed to meet the medical, pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostics industries need. C-Flex is made from various polymeric materials to meet standards of the biopharmaceutical industry.  It’s follow the USP 24/NF19, Class VI, FDA and USDA standards. It is very similar to the Tygon Tubing I will discuss in my next post.

C-Flex Having Some Unique Features:                                                               

Stay flexible from -50°F to 275°F
Thermoplastic Elastomer
Sterilizable by radiation, ETO, autoclave or chemicals
Longer peristaltic pump life
Ultra-smooth inner bore
Significantly less permeable than silicone
Low platelet adhesion and protein binding
Chemically resistant to concentrated acids and alkalis
Superior to PVC for many applications 

By Lantech Solutions Ltd  PVC Hose Manufacturers UK


  1. So C-flex is another type of tubing for medical purposes. Do these tubings have to meet certain standards of biopharmaceutical industry and pass QA tests prior to leaving production facility since they are critical in performing some saving life operations like breathing and blood transfering system?

    - RandolphAustin.com