Stainless Steel Braided Hoses Pipes

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All About The Braided Hoses

The braided hose pipes are the one used to cover up the plastic hose pipes used for various reasons like fuel filling and dairy productions, etc. These stainless steel braided hoses are to reduce the friction and to avoid excess of temperature. For example with the liquid fuel, heat and any inflammable object can harm the plastic hose pipe through which the fuel is transferred. For that purpose a covering of thick metal pipe which is braided and can be used in all kinds of the hose pipes. These flexible hoses are also used in the hydraulic brake system of the car. Braded hose are also used by oil and fuel industry as braided fuel hose. 
A hose made of braided steel that is a liner which must be used for higher flow rates. It’s a hose protection with an interwoven textile or wire braid. A Stainless Steel Braided Hose is generally used in permanent installations for pressure control and high corrosion applications such as high and low pressure chemical lines, hot water, steam, petroleum products, etc. For Pressure Control permanent applications, it is recommended to use High Temperature Pressure Control Hose. 

Different Use of Braided Hoses:

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There is a wide use of braided hoses but essentially, they can be utilized for the transfer of air, other gases, and liquids under low or high pressure. The steel braided hoses are especially helpful in manufacturing situations, where they can be used as part of hydraulic systems or to safely transfer liquid or gaseous chemical compounds through a production process in the assembly. The important thing to note is that the angle of the cording or wire used to reinforce the braided hose tubing may differ from one product to another. Braided hoses of various types are found in many altered retail outlets. Auto supply houses will feature hoses that are braided. Factory or industrial supply houses will also offer a number of braided hose products of all sizes and configurations. Many manufacturers also provide easy direct ordering by telephone or online.

Type of Braided Hoses

Basically four types of braided hose are used and also manufactured.
1.         Wire braided hose: These are made from wire braiding.
2.         Rubber Hose: Rubber is used for braiding the hose.
3.         PVC Nylon Braided Hose: This is manufactured using the finest grade raw material.
4.         Stainless Steel Hose: Manufactured using quality raw material such as SS 304 wire.

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